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Maris55 created an issue

Hello, ACR does not work on my LG G2 Mini. There are no call settings as Noise cancellation, HD call, or others that I could change to try to get ACR to work. The only thing I could do is set Rec delay to 5 sec. Can anyone approve that ACR does work on this phone or confirm it does not. Thanks, maris

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  1. Maris55 reporter

    Shure, I know where they are, if they are there at all. LG G2 Mini is rather rich in features. It does have Noise cancelation feature, but it can't be enabled/disabled anywhere. I tried one other Call Recorder which does the job, but only as Mic Input as the source. When set to Voice Call it does not record. So maybe LG G2 Mini is among the phones which does not support Call recording?

  2. copluk repo owner

    ACR works perfectly on your phone. Please remove any other call recording app, re install ACR and reboot your phone.

    Do not change any settings of ACR what so ever ant test to see if the issue gone away

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