"Delete short recordings"

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Igor Varfolomeev created an issue

The “Delete short recordings” does not do what it says for me. That is, yesterday my auto dialer created a ton of 2 seconds long recordings. Today I changed “Delete short recordings” from “0” to “3” and… nothing changed. So… I’m not sure… Maybe, what this button actually means is “Do not save short recordings”?

Version: 35.0-huawei-unChained (PRO)
Status: Enabled
Recording mode: Auto
Recording format: M4A, Delay in: 1, Out: 1
Bluetooth: Disconnected, Audio source: AUTO
Path: /storage/emulated/0/ACRCalls
Android version: 6.0.1 (A9100ZCU1APF1 - 2016-06-01)
Manufacturer: SAMSUNG
Model: SM-A9100
Hardware: qcom, MSM8976
Product: a9xproltezc
Kernel: 3.10.84-7553092
dpi@SWDD5010 #1
Tue Jun 14 19:25:28 KST 2016

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