Z1 Compact after upgrade to Lollipop - other sice can't her me

Issue #329 resolved
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Before upgrade to Lollipop it worked just fine. Nose supression is deactivated, app installed an deinstalled many times. Phone rebooted etc. Other side can hear me slightly better when I initiate the call, in opposite case they can't understand a word of mine.

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  1. copluk repo owner

    Go to phone settings and find "Call Settings" and "Sound Settings" section and disable "Microphone Noise Suppression", "Clear Phase" , "Speaker Voice Enhancement" and "xLoud"

  2. Martin Kokeš

    I'm sorry for my typos, I created this issue with T9 turned on. As I wrote I have all voice/speaker enhancements switched on. My voice and other's side voice are recorded crisp and cleary with ACR. The problem is that with ACR installed other side can't hear or understand me - my voice there is distorted and hesitant. There's other user with same problem.

  3. Martin Kokeš

    Thanks. I set recording delay for both incoming and outgoing calls to 5 seconds and other side says it sounds fine. I'll try more experiments with delays and make report here.

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