Galaxy S5 Recording from phone OR bluetooth, but don´t seem to handle swithing from one to the other

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I´m using Galaxy S5 (SM-G900F) with Android 5.0 and ACR 14.8

Thank´s for a great app! I have uninstalled my previous recording app ( and installed ACR (and rebooted the phone). The reason is that I´m hoping to get the app to work both with and without bluetooth headset, without having to change the settings (witch was the case with my previous app).

  1. When I configure ACR to record with "Audio source" = VOICE_CALL it works just great using only the phone (no bluetooth headset).

  2. If I add the configuration "Record on Bluetooth" with "Bluetooth audio source" = MIC and start the call (with the headset connected from the beginning), I only get a silent recording.

  3. If I also change the "Audio source" from VOICE_CALL to MIC I get both sides of the conversation recorded with bluetooth headset connected. The other side of the conversation is low in sound level (possibly because the sound is picked up by the headsets mic from the headsets speaker), but it still works good enough.

  4. If I then disconnects the bluetooth headset (disabling bluetooth on the phone) and make a call, the other side of the conversation is not recorded and my voice is verry low.

Conclusion: Sins ACR manage to record with bluetooth headset and without, to me it seems like ACR don´t switch from the "Audio source" setting to the "Bluetooth audio source" setting (and back again) correctly when I connect/disconnect the bluetooth headset. I have verified that Llama has no problem detecting when my headset connects/disconnects from the phone, and does so regardless if I connect by turning the headset on (hardware button) or enabling bluetooth on the phone (headset already on).

Any ideas on what the problem could be?

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