Missing codec for emailed audio

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How do I get the .3gp file to play on my computer?

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  1. Oscar Valdez

    Hi. I recorded a conversation in WAV format. It is more than 5 MB, and it seems that causes problems for reproduction with VLC, Media Player etc. What codec or software I use to play? Thank you.

    Edit. Recording for MIC, with 0 seconds delay on incoming and outgoing

  2. copluk repo owner

    VLC should play fine, send me the recording in WAV I might be able to repair it if it is faulty

  3. Oscar Valdez

    It seems as if the wav recording were being created wrong, I can not convert wav format to another.They never have reported similar bugs? Please, if you indicate me an e-mail I will be happy to make you get the file rather not expose to the Internet. Or I have to upload it here?

    Best regards, and sincerely thanks

  4. Oscar Valdez

    Thx. You must have the WAV file in copluk+acr@gmail.com. It is the only mail I could find in bitbucket :) I appreciate your efforts

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