Can't attach/save Notes to call records.

Issue #444 resolved
Edward Shumate created an issue

I used to be able to save/attach a note to any/all of my saved recordings after one of the most recent updates to ACR that feature stopped working for me. I get the prompt to save my call recording and the option to add a note is there but when I enter a note, it does not get saved and does not appear anywhere in the email when it arrives in my gmail inbox. NO NOTE.

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  1. Edward Shumate reporter

    No. Note is not even in the phone with the call record. I get the option to add a note to the recording after the call but when I add a note and click ok/save after adding the note to the recording, it just completely disappears as though I never added a note to the recording at all.

  2. Edward Shumate reporter

    Additionally, if I open ACR and go to my call records, I CAN Add a note to the call record there and it saves the note then but when I send the Call record to my gmail, the note is not attached in the email. Only the audio of the call record is present for download or save from gmail. No Note is attached or available to show me what the notations about the recording is.

  3. copluk repo owner

    I have pushed so many updates while trying to get this new cloud system right people will hate me if i push another one soon. I can email it to you. Contact us from within acr and i'll send you a link in couple of days

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