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Daniel Lisowski created an issue
  1. Is it possible to edit the folder name on google drive, or indication own? I want one account GoogleDrive record conversations with two separate phones (two separate applications) and I want to recordings of each were placed into a separate folder (eg phone01 and phone02)

  2. Is it possible to edit the file name format?

I just bought the premium version.

Regards, Daniel

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  1. copluk repo owner

    1- currently not possible 2 -ACR uses file names like a database and they can't be changed at the moment but, it has Backup feature whee you can export your recordings with meaningful names. Just select few of them and hit menu>Backup

  2. Daniel Lisowski reporter


    thaks for reply - so how can i use your app on second phone on the same google account?

    Regards, Daniel

  3. copluk repo owner

    It would work but if you ever select re-upload all recordings would be deleted from the cloud

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