ACR Stops recording calls for no reason

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Philip Thomson created an issue

Been Using ACR for a while now and never had any problems but recently it has started to not record calls sometimes for no reason. It shows that its recording makes a file but leaves it empty. I used to rely on it for a backup in case I forget things as I am on the road a lot. Resetting the phone fixes the issue and it starts recording again but this is not reliable.

ACR 16.5 Galaxy S6 - SM-G920F Android 5.1.1

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  1. copluk repo owner

    I am using ACR on s6 and have no issues, are you using WiFi calling or changed any ACR settings? Could you please remove ACR, reboot your phone and re install it?

  2. Philip Thomson reporter

    Normal Calling and only changed the recording format to .ogg, cloud settings, allowed it to record on bluetooth & never delete any calls. Have re-installed it a couple of times but it keeps happening intermittently.

  3. Philip Thomson reporter

    I have changed it to 3GP and will see how I get on, the problem with it is I don't notice something is wrong till I try to play back a file and notice they are all 00:00:00. I will monitor and post back accordingly.

  4. Philip Thomson reporter

    I followed the instructions in the other post but it appears this issue persists except now I get a message of "ACR was unable to record your last call. Try restarting your phone. If you see this message again that means your phone does not support call recording." I force closed the app and it started to work again. The issue remains that I did not notice this was occurring until I wanted to recover a telephone number from a conversation that was recorded (or not as the case may be) while driving.

  5. Philip Thomson reporter

    No other recording app installed, WiFi calling not on. Not sure if this is relevant but I do use a Bluetooth headset and because I am in and out of the van it reconnects often. Phone also connects to radio & ecu.

  6. copluk repo owner

    Have you enabled ACR to record calls over Bluetooth? ACR > Settings> Recording> Bleutooth

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