Acr stops recording calls, restarts after turn off/on

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Former user created an issue

Using this app with license for a while now, but the app somethimes does not record until i restart it. Somethimes it doesn't record for days until notice it and that's very annoying, can't trust the app on this moment.

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  1. copluk repo owner

    What is your phone name and model and Android version please? Have you disabled ACr notification?

  2. Tom Steenbeek

    Samsung galaxy S6 edge (SM-G925F) android version 5.1.1. I have disabled it yes, but acr recording is always on ''active''

  3. copluk repo owner

    If you disabled ACR notification you need to add ACR to protected apps in App Optimization settings of your phone. Go to battery settings and add ACR to protected apps. This is already explained in the issues we have on this site

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