Can I mute my voice?

Issue #477 resolved
Fred Knapp created an issue

I would like to record a conference call (because it occurs weekly during a networking meeting). I press mute but you can still hear the background noise on my end. Is there anything I can do to just get what is on the other end? TY.

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  1. Fred Knapp reporter
  2. copluk repo owner

    It is up to the phone, if it picks up background noise we cannot change this. However you can try to mute the mic

  3. copluk repo owner

    You didn't respond to last question. Have you tired using mute button. If it doesn't work it can't be achieved as audio passed to ACR is mono and combined at the system level ACR has no way of changing this

  4. copluk repo owner

    Than it is not possible to achieve what you want. This would be same with all call recording apps

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