Android 4.4.2 KitKat and External SD card write access

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copluk repo owner created an issue

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  1. Nuno Aniceto

    You should be able to write on SD card, just that you have restrict directory names for that. Please reconsider in reopening this request and reevaluate the issue for kitkat as this can be solved - there are many apps that make a good use sd card, please update acr calls as calls can make use of huge amounts of memory space. Thanks in advance.

    "Solution is to set ACR recording folder as a folder in internal phone storage or remove and re install ACR" - remove and re-install ACR, changing directory to sd card folder /ACRCalls, before and after reinstall) does not fix this issue.

  2. copluk reporter

    " just that you have restrict directory names for that" which ACR cannot use because app directory on SD card gets deleted as soon as app uninstalled. No one would want their recordings to be deleted because they uninstall ACR

  3. Nuno Aniceto

    You could simply place a disclamer for that when choosing the option for use the sd-card, and all users would know that they were the responsibles.

    Besides, you are improving the app for the majority of the users (as of today 41% of users use kitkat:

    You could have as it is now, the default, the internal storage. Those users which really want to move the data into the sd-card would be notified (with an 'are you sure?' popup) when they select the folder of the sd card or when they enable that new feature. Thank you for reconsidering it.

  4. copluk reporter

    Not everyone is advanced as your will not make any difference. People will ignore it and complain.

    Most people wouldn't even read that warning how ever many times we put warnings.

    I will not promise this feature but say that we may implement it in the future

  5. Codeplayer

    Please reconsider the SD-card option. You could hide turning it on so far in the menu that only advanced users could find, recognize, and turn it on. It is a really needed feature for advanced users. Make it a paid version feature maybe? Please please please, I beg you. When the app fills the internal memory and makes the device laggy and slow as hell, then people get more angry than losing their non-backed-up recordings. Also an interesting question: How come file explorers can be given access to the whole SD-card, still when uninstalling them the changes will stay intact? Is it about giving access to the whole SD-card?

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