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This issue is only related to American version of Samsung phones with Android 6. If you have International or any other version see issue #507 for solution to call recording issues.

It seems that changing recording audio source to VOICE_COMMUNICATION or AUTO as per issue #507 is not working on American variants of Samsung phones.

I've had few users with American version of Samsung phones including S6/S6 Edge/S7/S7 Edge, Note 5 and Note 4 trying settings on issue #507 without any luck. I've asked all of them to try different call recording apps and all had same result. Therefor, I believe call recording is no longer supported on American variant of Samsung phones with Android 6.

This is similar to what happened with S4. International version of S4 supported call recording perfectly fine while American version did not.

I believe this is not intentional but rather a bug escaped to the production release of Android 6 for American versions of Samsung phones. This could be mainly due to customization required by American carriers.

Please post your experience to this page so we can investigate further.

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  1. Paul N

    I have the US version of the Galaxy S7 and it only records my voice during a phone conversation when I have it on Auto. On VOICE_COMMUNICATION I get an error from ACR saying that ACR could not record the conversation. I will do more testing with the other options when I have more time. I depend on this app tremendously and I hope this gets fixed ASAP!

  2. copluk reporter

    Could you try setting recording delay to 5-10 seconds and combine it with turning loud speaker on and off

  3. Paul N

    I will try the 5 - 10 second delay. But I don't know what you mean by "turning loud speaker on and off". What loud speaker are you referring to? Do you mean try turning speaker phone on and off during the call?

  4. Paul N

    I set the delay for Outgoing calls to 15 seconds and made a 3+ minute call on the speakerphone and both sides of the conversation was recorded. However, I have not tried it without the speakerphone yet. I will try that later and let you know. Hope this helps.

  5. Paul N

    I did another test today. I have the 15 second delay and I turned speakerphone on and off during a call. In the beginning of the call, I was on my Bluetooth headset. I switched to speaker phone and then the recording recorded the voice of the person I was talking to. But it also lowered the volume of my voice. When I turned speakerphone off and switched back to my Bluetooth headset, I no longer could hear the person I was talking to and my voice became louder. Hope this helps you to fix the problem soon! Let me know if you would like me to try anything for you.

  6. Paul N

    Yep. Just tried it by making a call. Here are my results: Speakerphone OFF: Could hear both, but volume low both ways. Speakerphone ON: Could hear both, but volume of other person became loud and my voice remained low. Speakerphone OFF: Could hear both, but volume low both ways. Speakerphone ON: Could hear both, but volume of other person became loud and my voice remained low. Also, based on previous testing, it looks like the recording only records my voice when I use my Bluetooth headset. For the record, I did not have any of these issues on my Galaxy S5.

  7. copluk reporter

    One of ACR users just emailed this to me

    *... I switched to OGG-HQ and tested that first to see if it worked and it didn't, so I changed the audio source from Auto to Voice Recognition and it worked. I did try finding AMR as the audio source, but I did not see it. I then switched it back to MP4-HQ while keeping it on Voice Recognition and it still worked so it seems switching the audio source fixed it... *

    I have listened the sample recording, it is still low but not too bad

    I have attached their version information. They are on Verizon. Screenshot_20160321-155210.png

  8. Werner

    I had the same issue with calls not being recorded. But this was on a Samsung Vodacom South Africa S6 Edge+.

    The recordings were intermittent. Some calls were recorded and some not. I changed the setting to VOICE_RECOGNITION and it seems to have resolved the issue.

  9. copluk reporter

    There seems to be an improvement, one of our users reported that everything OK on T-mobile S6 with below firmware version


  10. Wickline, Martin

    Samsung Galaxy Note 5 stopped working after forced update to Android 6.0.1. Updated ACR to latest 17.1 version, rebooted phone, still didn't work. Found this thread and tried changing recording settings to Auto audio source (was VOICE_CALL). After that change, it successfully recorded both sides of an incoming call.

    Hardware version: N920P.04 Software version: N920PVPU2BPC3 Model number: SM-N920P Kernel version: 3.10.61-7231607 Build number: MMB29K.N920PVPU2BPC3

  11. Blake Fennimore

    Samsung S7, SM-G930V Android 6.0.1 Audio source Auto Problem: Recording volume low, especially for other side of the call. Resolution: Switching Recording format from default 3GP to OGG (even without adjusting Audio gain) seems to address the issue.

  12. Rusty Williams

    Samsung Note 5, Android 6.0.1, Verizon, changed recording setting to Auto and ACR started working again.

  13. Garbajo

    Thank you, thank you for your posts!!! Samsung Galaxy S6 (SM-G920V, ver 6.0.1, ACR stopped recording after Marshmallow upgrade, now works again weeks later! Settings/Recording: Start Recording: was already Auto (no change), Audio Source: changed this to Auto (was voice_call), Audio Route: was already Auto (no change, I think), Recording Format: 3GP (no change). Before changing the auto setting, under General, I had also clicked "DB Maintenance" and it seemed to run for a while, not sure if it finished, what this does or if it had any effect. Thanks again!!!

  14. Anthony Parello

    I had the same issue as Garbajo. ACR was not able to record my calls on my AT&T Galaxy S6. It stopped working right after the latest update, (Marshmallow, version 6.0.1). After reading this, I fixed it by changing the settings in ACR so that my audio source was set to "Auto" instead of "Voice_Call". Everything works great now. Thanks guys!!!

  15. copluk reporter

    ACR update will be in the Play store in couple of hours Support for many Android 6 phones! Including Sony Xperia Z 2/3/4/5 And Samsung S5/Note4. Set audio source to MIC and recording format to M4A (not MP4), AMR, WAV, OGG or FLAC Thank you for bearing with us while we were working on this. We have rushed this update so there might be some bugs! Please report issues

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