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This article explains why ACR request certain permissions and how it uses them.


Only required and used on Android 9/P. This is because of behavior changes on Android P/9. Android P moves the CALL_LOG, READ_CALL_LOG, WRITE_CALL_LOG, and PROCESS_OUTGOING_CALLS permissions from the PHONE permission group to the new CALL_LOG permission group. This group gives users better control and visibility to apps that need access to sensitive information about phone calls, such as reading phone call records and identifying phone numbers.

If your app requires access to call logs or needs to process outgoing calls, it must now explicitly request their permissions from the CALL_LOG permission group. Otherwise, a SecurityException occurs.


Required so that ACR can get LAN IP in order to start web server (as and when user starts web server service by going in to Cloud Services setting)

com.google.android.c2dm.permission.RECEIVE com.google.android.c2dm.permission.SEND

They are to deliver OPTIONAL notifications to your device with Google Cloud Messaging You can register in settings to receive promotions or updates about the app and permission required to implement this feature. By default all users are opted put. No personal information transferred only randomly generated device ID used to communicate and this service is part of the Android

Device ID looks like this "Awer91bFvpklklsA-wYJl-ksdfjgfhgjk-DSFDS-JXEngYBVwlEpUFrP_Fx81rehmu_H6-r1zYPH__GrEWfwseRGAlA"

For more information about Google Cloud Messaging see:




Required for Gmail access authorization and sync


Required for Google Drive and Gmail access authorization and sync


Required to receive and process Google Cloud Messaging Messages. Only used when message received for less then a second.


Required to detect incoming calls so that ACR can start recording


Required to detect outgoing calls so that ACR can start recording


Required for recording active call


Required for saving recording to internal storage

STORAGE called Photos and Videos on Android. It is misleading information because it implies that ACR would directly access to them, It does not, but ACR has to have access to it so it can save recordings.

android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE

Required for saving recording to SD card


Required so that ACR can display contact name and picture instead of just a number in recording list


Required for detecting Bluetooth headset


Required so that ACR can be activated after restarting your phone

android.permission.INTERNET android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE

Required so that ACR can upload recordings to cloud services you activate


So that manual recording button can be displayed when recording mode set to manual


Required so that you can toggle between loud and phone speaker while listening recordings

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    Bonjour, La dernière mise à jour m'a bloquée mon compte Gmail. ACR à voulu re synchroniser mes 1400 enregistrements par mail il a saturé ma messagerie. Comment régler ce problème ? Merci.

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