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Some phones have an option that automatically closes all apps when phone is on sleep mode. This prevents ACR from starting and recording when there is a call.

In order to avoid this issue, enable ACR notification and then find the power saving option on your phone, open it and add ACR to protected apps or disable optimization for ACR. It is usually under Phone battery settings.

This option might be called:

  • "Power saving"
  • "Batter optimization"
  • "Battery usage"
  • "App optimization"

Here are the screen shots from different phones showing power saving setting

Some Android 8 Phones

OnePlus and Huwei Android 8 updates have bugs that puts apps to sleep even if they have on going notification. Try disabling battery saving mode for ACR if you experience such issue.


Huawei Android 6


Huawei Android 7/8






















OPPO Android 8 and above








Samsung ultra data saving








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  1. Christopher Racine

    My android 6.0.1 ZTE tempo with boost mobile has the free and pro version of acr. I am having trouble finding app protection under my battery settings. I was told by the owner of act app. To go on my phone settings and click on battery saver or battery optimization.Then I was told to click on app protection. Can you please tell me what to do to resolve this? Because I manually record calls. The record button only pops 10 to even 30 seconds in the call. Causing me not to be able to record the entire desired conversation. This is becoming frustrating to me. I am about to go on Google play and get my refund on this app. If I can't get it resolved. So can you please email me? Or contact my cell at (765) 624-1563? I would be greatly obliged to have you resolve this matter for me.

  2. Javedalishaikh

    Hello sir Iam using samsung note 3 And iam pro version holder also But...... this app not working properly in my set. Every after 7/8 minutes this app goes off. So what I do for this to maje continues. ....

  3. Prakaash16

    Hello Sir, I have Honor Holly set of Huwai phone, How can I use ACR in my phone, I tried hard but could not make it. Please do suggest me.

  4. Prakaash16

    I was not able to use ACR as per the given instruction. I have Honor Holly its Huwai phone and is creating me a problem.

  5. copluk reporter

    We have screenshots from Huawei here. I don;t have access to your model, it should be similar

  6. 4933ik

    Приложение установил платное, разговор записывает через раз и то не всегда

  7. lukiii

    Witam. Na moim Samsungu A5 2017 z android 8.1 jest taki problem, że bardzo cicho w nagraniu mnie słychać. Rozmówcę bardzo dobrze, ale mnie bardzo cicho!

  8. kumar sanu

    Issue #2424 I already performed that described procedure of yours, but it doesn't worked. Infact I reinstalled the app, but again it doesn't worked.

  9. Christopher Racine

    Hello acr app developer sir. I need to comment about the new modern samsung phones. Other than protected apps and app optimization there are the new phones. Under device matience under settings you tap 🔋 battery. Then you tap battery usage then you tap optimize battery use find acr. Slide the slider off to battery optimization. Then go back to the battery usage then you go back to the original battery menu. On that original battery menu has a feature called app power monitor there are three options. One of them is always sleeping apps unmonitored apps beneath unmonitored apps it says add apps that are not suggested to be put to sleep. Don't know if i should only add acr or acr+ licence. To that feature also when you turn on app power monitor. There is a three dot menu called when you tap. The three dot menu it has a range of 3 to 7 days radius. Under this option it puts unused apps to sleep. But to which i know that if you add acr or acr+licence to unmonitored apps. Then you know by applying these settings that acr will never go to sleep. By disabling battery optimization for acr then adding acr to unmonitored apps. Prevention of acr of going to sleep both ways. I really would like to help you add a new screenshot to your collection of screenshots. Because i absolutely love acr and i love your screenshots. An i really big fan of you and your apps also. I really hope this gets added to your collection of screenshots. I will send them to your email for i will be getting another samsung device soon.

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