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I am using the ACR Free app on my Samsung S3. I recorded a call today and when I try to play back there is no sound. It show the file is 927K for a 3.5 min phone call. The calls that got recorded after that playback just fine.

Thank you for your time Tonia

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  1. copluk repo owner

    From US? US version of S3 doesn't support 2 way call recordign properly. ACR has a workaround in its settings. Just enable it, and set recording delay to 5-8 seconds and reboot your phone

  2. StillClock1

    I am having the same issue on a samsung S7. It was a conference call, and the initial intro (programmed) was recorded but everything after that point is silent.

    I don't think its due to the fact that it was a password protected conference call, because I tested it out ahead of time on a different conference line and it recorded everything. I have a 12.8MB file with only a few words in it, and an hour of silence. Is there anything you can do to help restore the audio to the file? I can't figure out what the disconnect is.

  3. copluk repo owner

    This is probably due to putting loud someone at one point. Unfortunately it is due to Android

  4. StillClock1

    Thank you, but I don't quite follow what you mean by that. Is there a setting I should have done differently?

  5. StillClock1

    For a few brief parts of it, I'd say 95% of the time it was on normal (like when you put it up to your ear) and then I hit "speaker" a couple times to make sure the call was still going on. Do you mean that since I hit "speaker" a couple times during the call it nullified the entire recording?

  6. copluk repo owner

    Unfortunately no. This is all because there is no official api for call recording anymore since Android 6. So issues like this are u avoidable

  7. Ump13

    I have ACR on a Samsung android phone. I have an important recording that I had played back perfectly with no issues several days ago, but when I wanted to listen to it again yesterday the 3:30 recording appears to be there and plays back, but THERE IS NO SOUND. One or two other recordings immediately before and after this one have the same issue. I changed nothing that I am aware of and almost all recordings before and since these play back normally with no issues. Is there anything I can do to UNMUTE the audio that appears to be there but is just MUTED for some unknown reason.

  8. copluk repo owner

    It is not possible to unmute as it is recorded without sound. Are you muting your microphone during the call or using loud speaker?

  9. Ump13

    NO. I am trying to listen which works normally on other recordings. It was indeed recorded WITH SOUND as I have previously successfully listened to this recording (i.e. it played back normally WITH CLEAR and NORMAL SOUND a few days ago) and the recording APPEARS to still be there. But now the full 3:30 plays back but there is NO SOUND. To my knowledge I changed nothing. Why did playback go from NORMAL to NO SOUND and is there anything I can do to get the sound back?

  10. copluk repo owner

    I can certainly tell you that it is impossible for a recording to loose its audio after recorded unless it is edited. Since you have not edited it I can only think of one reason that is it was recorded like that

  11. Ump13

    NO. It was NOT recorded without sound. It WAS recorded WITH SOUND. I HEARD the perfectly fine playback a few days ago WITH SOUND. Now there is NO SOUND upon playback. I believe the SOUND is still there. What must I do to retrieve it? There is no EDIT that I'm aware, only DELETE and it has NOT been DELETED.

  12. James

    I am using ACR on Samsung Note 8. The recorded audio files only contained my voice but not the other side of the call. Would that due to app conflict or setting issue?

  13. keith Baker

    Not sure if this has been resolved before, but am using a Huawei P smart with Andriod 10 and ACR call recorder on whatsapp, can see and play the recording but can only hear my voice not the incoming callers voice, need help in resolving?

  14. Mario Allen

    copluk, I have the same issue. Is ACR an easy app to hack? I have some recordings that are found and others I have no audio. Are you able to run a diagnostic on my app to see if it's been compromised? I need help restoring the sound and finding certain recordings.

  15. Bilal Rushdi

    Hi copluk you comment - “I can certainly tell you that it is impossible for a recording to loose its audio after recorded unless it is edited. Since you have not edited it I can only think of one reason that is it was recorded like that” Is not true.

    I have the same issue. I have a ACR and had over 1000 call recording that I could hear perfectly. Now they are muted. Its most frustrating I even transferred to my laptop and still the same issue.

    I know there is a way to fix this problem I just do not know how

    Apparently if you delete the cache it fixes the problem but in apps Samsung has disabled the clear cache option, I can see the button but not use it. There must be a way.

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