Galaxy S5 ?

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Siversson created an issue

Does it support Galaxy S5 i have Try and it records but when i listen To it, it sounds like some robot scream A long high noise beep

Sorry for my bad english

Regards Siversson

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  1. copluk repo owner

    Quite few people mentioned that it does. Which country are you from? Can you attach an example recording?

  2. Jerome GUY


    I've got a SM-G900F and it's working perfectly. - make sure you store the records on the internal memory (/sdcard) - make sure the source is set to "voice call" - I record using the FLAC codec

    Try... should run perfectly ;)

  3. Максим Антонов

    Отлично!!! Пишет замечательно! Слышно очень хорошо и себя и собеседника Думаю о покупке полной версии. Проверил на НТС пишет также хорошо!!

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