Another person's voice rec is too quiet in incoming calls, Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

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Sergei created an issue


I use Sony Z1 Compact with the latest Android available (4.4.2).

There is a problem that the recorded voice of another person is too quiet in incoming calls. This problem happens in incoming calls only; both sides are recorded with excellent quality in outgoing calls.

I tried different audio sources besides VOICE_CALL and it didn't help. I changed voice recording formats (3GP, AMR, WAV) and found no difference. Noise Suppression is disabled on my phone.

I removed ACR and tried another application (Automatic Call Recorder, It has "Increase recording volume" checkbox and I checked. Both sides' voices are recorded well so I believe the problem is not in the phone itself. However I like ACR and would prefer to use it!

Appreciate your help.

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  1. Sergei reporter

    Sure. I turned noise suppression off already but the issue is still there. Both sides are recorded but another person's voice is recorded too quietly in incoming calls. There is no such problem for outgoing calls.

  2. copluk repo owner

    This never reported before, it could be new with 4.4. App you have linked seems to be adding gain to the voice, does your voice's level increase too with that setting on?

  3. Sergei reporter

    No. When I tried the app I mentioned it just worked okay - it recorded voices of both sides with comfortable voice levels.

  4. Sergei reporter

    Hi, I did the recordings with another app, removed it and installed ACR again. It looks ridiculous but the issue is gone. Voice quality of both parties is good, no issues at all. I'm not sure why I had the issue before and have no issue now. Thank you!

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