This Apps is not working with my phone Micromax A77

Issue #81 resolved
Souvik Das created an issue

First time it's working fine but after purchasing the premium features it stops working, although I've followed every step ex: restart the phone after installing the app.

Please fixed this issue otherwise refund my money.

Model Number : Micromax A77 Android Version: 4.2.2 Kernel version: 3.4.5

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  1. Souvik Das reporter

    This app is always prompting message "ACR was unable to record your last call. Try restarting your phone"

  2. copluk repo owner

    Please try setting recording delay to 5 to 8 seconds and remove any other call recording app

  3. Souvik Das reporter

    Getting the same message, only inbuilt voice recording app is installed, don't have any call recording app. Please fixed this issue.

  4. copluk repo owner

    We have few people using ACR on your phone. But, if acr still fail to record this would mean call recording is intended supported by your phone.

    Other call recording apps behave same aren't they?

  5. copluk repo owner

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  6. copluk repo owner

    Sorry, I've replied form email. Please email me at your google play email

  7. Souvik Das reporter

    Please check my mail & refund money. I don't need this app. I've already installed free call recorder, it's working fine.

  8. copluk repo owner

    I have refunded your money, but I'd like to re iterate. If any call recording app is working on your phone ACR must work too. If it doesn't , you might be changing some configuration or using different call recording app at the same time

  9. Souvik Das reporter

    Thank you very much but I did not change any configurations setting, you should fix your app, there having compatibility issue. Thank you...

  10. copluk repo owner

    I'm afraid I must insists that it is nothing to do with ACR. As I have said above. There are lots of happy ACR users with same phone

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