Huawei Android 6 Summer update call recording issue

Issue #863 resolved
Former user created an issue

Hi guys...

Please help

Huawei P9 only record the voice on my side... only can listen my voice during playback...

i love this app, please resolve this

thank you

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  1. Patricia1982

    I found out (by chance) that it dóes record with headphone plugged in!! I am very happy about that and wanted to share this with you guys.

  2. rtatanasov

    I have Huawei P9 Lite and Jabra headset. The phone only record the voice on my side or from microphone.

  3. Patricia1982

    I am using the Original headset. I also tried another headset but is not working. Only working with Original headset.

  4. Malcholm

    Still not working when connected to bluetooth headset.

    Using Huawei Honor 8 with android 7.

    It works great without bluetooth

  5. Patricia1982

    It is working now without headphone, I am very happy! yay! thanks!

    I have not update my Phone yet, i'm scared of losing functionality

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