Sometimes recording continues on for hours, draining battery.

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purdeaandrei created an issue

As the title says, sometimes the end of call is not detected, and recording continues on for hours, while seriously draining the battery, and ACR shows up in the Battery usage settings as higher then Screen.

I recently made a 21-hour and 11-hour accidental recording.

My phone is galaxy note 3 with bad kitkat upgrade using the MIC input source. ACR version is 8.6.

How are you detecting the end of a call? are you using PhoneStateListener? If this is not an ACR bug, but a phone bug not delivering a phone state change callback sometimes, then you may be able to work around this bug by periodically checking the phone state at least every minute, while recording is on.

Just in case the start of the call callback is also not delivered, you could also poll for that, but without requesting a wakelock. That shouldn't consume too much power.

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  1. purdeaandrei reporter

    I should also mention that I have notifications disabled. But that shouldn't really matter.

  2. copluk repo owner

    ACR listens to Android phone state change broadcast and this has never been reported apart from couple of custom rooms.

    I don't think it is ACR's fault. Another app might be interfering with that broadcast.

    It is easy to test. Remove ACR try other call recording apps to see if they will be able to pick up call end broadcast

  3. copluk repo owner

    That might be the reason. Notification must be active for long calls. When it isn't, Android might kill ACR without notice

  4. purdeaandrei reporter

    This is stock KitKat update for Galaxy Note 3. I said it was bad because it is still the one that only supports recording from the microphone.

    Unfortunately it's not so easy to test, as it only happened twice in the past three weeks. It usually works okay.

    When android kills ACR shouldn't it also kill the thread that continues to record from the microphone?

    For now I re-enabled the notifications, and disabled them from the Application Manager. As far as I can tell that keeps the service a foreground service without bothering me in the notification menu.

    I will let you know if it happens again.

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