DB Maintenance doesn't work

Issue #973 resolved
Paul created an issue

First things first, thanks for developing this great app, it really saves my life from time to time! :)

Going back to the issue. After installing ACR on a new phone and copying over recordings I went to Settings/General and tried DB Maintenance. No records reappeared on the list, despite all of them are in ACRCalls folder, I double checked it. And despite I did the same thing a few weeks ago and it all worked flawlessly.

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  1. Paul reporter

    Yes I did. Same outcome. Meanwhile new calls appear both in the list and in the ACRCalls directory, along old ones.

  2. copluk repo owner

    Reinstall should solve this issue, can you send me screenshot of your ACRcalls folder in file manager?

  3. Paul reporter

    None are listed. Even after reinstall. Even recordings made on this exact phone. If I uninstall and then install ACR again DB Maintenance finds nothing. I use a bit older version of Android (V20e-AME-XX). Had problems with V20h before so I wanted to stick to this one for some time. May this be the problem?

  4. copluk repo owner

    I meant screen shot of file manager ad above. I want to see naming format of the files not listed. Browse that folder with your file manager and send me screen shot of the section where files that are not being listed in acr shown

  5. Paul reporter

    Screenshot I sent before is exactly what you tell me to send, none of the files are listed in acr. I send some more below though. None show up in acr.

    2017-01-10 10-20-33 – ACRCalls.png

    Format is the same for all other files: [0 or 1]d[timestamp]p[phone number sometimes with country code].3gp. I didn't change names, those are original files from ACR folder on second phone.

  6. copluk repo owner

    Please go to ACR Settings, tap on the ACR version information at the bottom and then tap on the Debug logging, enter password "letmedebug", tap on Start. Do DB Maintenance, Come back to Debug logging and tap on Stop and finally tap on Send to send it to me Thanks

  7. Paul reporter

    Sent log to acr@nllapps.com. The only number found by DB Maintenance is a call I received after reinstalling ACR for the last time. It was already listed.

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