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CanArch is a LGPL library developed to easily handle and design CAN networks.

It is organized around an XML file that define the network architecture, and
provide the following features:
* Id generation (using highly customizable policies)
* Export of C Headers where the architecture is described using #define
* Export of diagrams using GraphViz
* Matching of "real" frames with the network that allow smart debugging

Some tools are also provided:
* NetworkView :
    A Qt4 tool that allow extended view of a network architecture.

<>---------------------------------------------------------------- Author ---<>

This project is an initiative of Bertrand Roussel (

Other developers and contributors can be found on the BitBucket project page:

<>--------------------------------------------------------- Documentation ---<>

Documentation can be found on the Wiki and in the doc/ directory.

It is generated by Doxygen.

<>--------------------------------------------------------------- Install ---<>

To compile and install the library you need to do:

$ ./populateLibTiCpp
$ cmake .
$ make
# make install

<>----------------------------------------------------------------- Legal ---<>

This library is provided under the LGPL license (see LICENSE), and that does 
mean that it can be used in commercial / closed projects, and contribution are

If you use this library on a project, please tell us and send feedbacks.