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AgroSense is a free and open source farm management suite. The code is devided into 4 sections:

  • api - AgroSense api's
  • spi - Service provider implementations
  • client - AgroSense rich client based on the NetBeans platform
  • server - AgroSense server, responsible for storing the data

The AgroSense rich client is based on the NetBeans platform. It contains a setup with multiple modules. In general the modules in the client reflect the same structure as the modules in api and spi. For example field:

  • api-field - Field entity interface and supported commands in FieldConstants
  • spi-field - FieldQuery classes, standard gui elements
  • client-field - Adds fields node in the farm explorer and capability of putting fields on the map
  • server-field - Implementation of the field commands, stores and retreives field in the data store

How do I get set up?

  • Summary of set up
  • Configuration
  • Dependencies
  • Database configuration
  • How to run tests
  • Deployment instructions

Contribution guidelines

  • Writing tests
  • Code review
  • Other guidelines

Who do I talk to?

  • Repo admin:
  • General information about AgroSense