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Utilize the CHALLONGE! API with preconfigured ActiveResource classes.

Install and Configure

Get it from

sudo gem install challonge-api

Add challonge-api as a dependency for your project and set your username and API key on startup.

Challonge::API.username = 'username'
Challonge::API.key = '123keyayaonge'

Basic Usage

Get all your tournaments:


Get a filtered set of tournaments:

Challonge::Tournament.find(:all, :params => {:state => 'in_progress'})

Run a basic tournament from start to finish:

t = = 'Basic Single Elim Tournament'
t.url = 'unique_url_123'
t.tournament_type = 'single eliination'
# if save returns false, view validation errors with t.errors.full_messages

# add some participants (you normally want to check for validation errors as well)
Challonge::Participant.create(:name => 'Joe', :tournament => t)
Challonge::Participant.create(:name => 'Bob', :tournament => t)

# at this point, t.live_image_url and t.full_challonge_url are available (t.reload to refetch)


m = t.matches(:first)
m.scores_csv = '3-1,3-2'
m.winner_id = m.player1_id
# congratulations, Joe