App crash with when texture not found

Issue #173 resolved
GrabkaMan created an issue

Hi, When I render the image and it has material, where i use texture (and it is not included in project in any way) the renderer crashes without any information.

Maybe you can change the material to Helper Material For Corona Nodes? Or you can tell in which object there is a problem.

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  1. GrabkaMan reporter

    Ouch, I have created new scene and it works nice. So I will present you my situation.

    I have created whole scene in corona, I need to create animation (just camera movement) and my friend offered me his help in rendering. So i have sent him all files with textures (IES, corona standalone, blender config, blender addons). He set everything up, then he tried to render and the app craches.

    "Corona Renderer stopped working".

    Is there any way we can contact so that I can send you the files and you will see it by yourself?

  2. Glen Blanchard

    If you can see the console output it will usually say what went wrong, I am on a train right now so can't pull down large files but you can share them using dropbox/google drive etc

  3. GrabkaMan reporter

    Unfortunately console says nothing. :(

    Corona Renderer just crashes.

    Can you check if you can download it? Also I am pointing in settings to "Rendery korona\Corona render\legacy\" - is it ok?

    EDIT: I don't know what happened, but i have copied ALL the files (including exported meshes) and it works :O

  4. GrabkaMan reporter


    I have found why there is this problem.

    Sometimes blender saves texture coordinates like: //textures\Chocofur_wood_solid_08_diff.jpg

    sometimes like: C:\test\textures\Chocofur_wood_solid_08_diff.jpg

    When it is saved in blender in the second form renderer crashes with no information when the texture is missing.

  5. Glen Blanchard

    Excellent work, I will see if I can test at least for the presence of all the textures during export.

  6. Amr Abdeen

    same, takes forever to find the missing texture too, since the console doesnt say anything. thanks for the great effort done on this

  7. Glen Blanchard

    There is now a Check Textures button on the render settings pane. All it does is loop through all the materials and nodes in those materials and validates that the texture exists.

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