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Issue #176 resolved
Andrei created an issue

hi there. am i doing something wrong? how to use the ray switch option for environment? why the renderer shows black image?!

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  1. Andrei reporter

    sorry for stupid question. but where are the corona world nodes? i do not see them. in node editor is standard cycles world nodes only

  2. Andrei reporter

    got them. sorry but here are some bugs or i do not understand how to handle it.

    1. the constant color must be selected in environment tab.

    2. the directionality must not be 0 in volume node

    3. the color temperature is incorect in output result. corona_world_test.JPG

  3. Glen Blanchard

    When I was doing my testing I used these settings: Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 7.37.43 am.png Absorption color: #BEBEBE Absorption distance: 30m Scattering color: #999999 Scattering direction: 0.5

    I was also using a Physical Sky, and a few lights.


  4. Andrei reporter

    here a too many things we must follow in order to achieve the expected result. is there posible to make aditional option that does not mixing nodes with non-nodes features in environment tab? like in materials. an option "use nodes" and that's all. the entire result will depend only by node editor.

  5. Glen Blanchard

    I removed the checkbox and added an option for World Nodes.

    Take note that it needs a Corona Map not a material.

    Example: Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 6.18.46 am.png

  6. Andrei reporter

    tried to reinstall addon manualy. material lister appeared back. but still no materia previews :( and somehow the version of addon is still 8.0.6

  7. Studio Monkriss

    Sorry hopping onto this, i too have the same error. I'm not sure if the version of Corona that I'm downloading/installing is the correct version. When I go onto "check for updates" it says download version 9 so i install it but then it says 8.06 is installed. So im not sure if thats the issue that we have the wrong version?

  8. Glen Blanchard

    Sorry I was working on a version for Blender 2.80 which was v9.0.0, if you can download v8.0.8 instead this should fix it as it is working here on that version

  9. Andrei reporter

    made a quick test. seems to work fine now. but will test more and write a review later. thank you

  10. Andrei reporter

    you did a realy great job. now i am happy. the world nodes work as intended.

    here is one of my commercials. tested with rayswitch environment. for global, reflect and refract ilumination used one map. for direct used another map. thank you very much and keep doing great work. 1.jpg

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