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Andrei created an issue

maybe it is more a question than a bug. in render passes is possible to use IDs. the question is how to use material ID ? How to assign an ID to a material in corona? sorry for stupid question.

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  1. Glen Blanchard

    I don't have a way to pass the material id to the Corona Renderer so this isn't currently possible

  2. Andrei reporter

    strange. the 3ds max also does not exporting material IDs. or maybe corona cannot read them. however in the chocofur tutorial is shown the material ID feature. and also in corona wiki standalone limitations material ID is not included.


  3. Glen Blanchard

    I think the material is was pre 1.5 obj format. The new formats for standalone don't use it.

  4. Andrei reporter


    it could also give this error for material ID. but it does not give this error. it just exports it. but the result is wrong

  5. Andrei reporter

    with the 1.4 the rendering does not start at all.because of an error. i think the actual exporter is not for old versions of corona. anyway. this is not so important thing. it just could be great to support material IDs. in the 3ds max also exports with no IDs so there is no reason to look for solution.

  6. titus

    Is this what you're looking for?

    IDpass.jpg still on previous version (bridge 7.4.13, c_SA 1.6 17-01-2017)

    didn't test latest

    EDIT tested bridge 8.0.10 & SA bundled with Corona For C4D


  7. titus

    Yes, it's a sort of a bypass... I think (assume) it's because of missing advanced option to define/specify Material ID# (in material nodes), thus all materials inside the pass come out in single color (as they have same #)


  8. Andrei reporter

    yes but why the fully integrated 3ds max plugin also exports withuout material IDs ? maybe its because of corona itself ?

  9. titus

    If nothing is defined (no ID# assigned), then they're randomly assigned. More here...

    I think it's all done within Corona in the hosting app (Max/C4D & not by CoronaSA itself). Strangely with C4D, even when IDs are manually defined, there's no change as oppose to randomized values. Haven't checked what happens when more than 16 materials are in the scene.

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