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Adam Zorian created an issue

New exporter 8.0.11 cause problem after exporting flip fluid simulation. Works pretty fast but gives problem in scene.scn

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  1. Adam Zorian reporter

    Cannot, still to big ;p I'm going to check if changing Corona version to 1.6 from 3.0 helps:)

  2. Adam Zorian reporter

    Not really. the scene is 5gb, fluid cache is 20gb, export folder is 2gb and scene.scn is 600mb

  3. Glen Blanchard

    Unfortunately that error you are seeing doesn't make sense, it is entirely likely that the standalone doesn't support scene files that big. Does one of the flip sample files work?

  4. Glen Blanchard

    I added a low precision option to the corona render settings to test this out. This is the wrong place for this setting (should be per scene) but if you could test it out please. It probably wont change the export speed very much but it did reduce the scene.scn file size by about 35% at the cost of some precision which I am hoping won't be obvious in larger scenes.

  5. Adam Zorian reporter

    Ok, here is what I have so far:

    The flip fluid cache (frame 110) from yesterday was decreased from 600mb to 430mb and started on Corona 3.0 Today's flip fluid cache (Frame 509) is bigger, because of more foam etc. and took 1,3gb and didn't start on Corona 3.0, on1.6 either

    Closing blender to reduce the ram usage and using Corona.exe didn't help smuteczek2.jpg

    I'm going to send this topic to Ondra, maybe he will be able to shed some light on this issue, maybe there are some limitations.

  6. Adam Zorian reporter


    Exporter 8.0.12

    I didn't use low precision, after chosing this option Scene.scn was decreased from 1,3gb to 364mb and start working with Corona 3.0

    Anyway I had an issue with Blender 2.78c and unsupported Principled BSDF even while unchecked "Convert Cycles nodes to Corona nodes" After deleting unsupported node it started to work. I'm not sure if that makes problems with 2.79 because I'm not using it:)

  7. Adam Zorian reporter

    I've got problem with linked models - for some reason they dont want to render. I keep everything in one folder and that works until today - I'm not sure what cause the problem.

    house was rendered using scene with this model. another scene is a render from main scene- witch linked group and only kitchen furniture is seen on the render. meshes were exported but didnt appear on the render. I'm not sure if it problem

    I also made a test scene where the problem is showed on small scene One is a group and the seccond is main file with linked group.

  8. Glen Blanchard

    Another interim help would be rename your particle objects like foam and whitewater to be a single letter, that will reduce the size of the scene.scn too

  9. Adam Zorian reporter

    thanks! Looking forward to hearing from you :) I can't wait!:) Imo if linked objects will be fixed exporter will be almost "production ready"

  10. Glen Blanchard

    With the linked models, the issue is because of the improvements in export time. I will revisit that to make it right and see if I can improve the speed another way.

  11. Glen Blanchard

    I don't create the Principled BSDF shader yet, I think I might have tried that in v9.x of the plugin for blender 2.80 so maybe that was it?

  12. Adam Zorian reporter

    I cross my fingers for you! Currently, I'm back into old exporter and commercial projects and I really miss the 8.0.12 exporter speed:(

  13. Glen Blanchard

    v8.0.13 fixes the linked objects with different materials but it also slows down the exporter again. I had another issue that needed a fix so still working on getting it fast but part of the slow down is comparing the materials on the linked objects and confirming they need to be different instances

  14. Glen Blanchard

    v8.0.14 keeps the fixes and makes it fast :D. Maybe not quite as fast as it was but close to it.

  15. Adam Zorian reporter

    I made a fast test- It works. Particle settiengs were exported much faster, anyway "only moddified" option doesnt seem to work anymore. Except this even complex linked objects works pretty well.


    Export "Only modified" exports only linked data as a modified even if they weren't, for examlpe linked buildings. The meshes of the scene were exported only once.

  16. Adam Zorian reporter

    ok, after a few tests I saw that works perfect. Really nice improvement! Thank's a lot!

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