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Andrei created an issue

hi again. i have a little question about exporting particle system. is it possible to make exporter to use the last exported hair if i don't make any changes to it like with basic geometries ? for example i have a big exterior scene and i have to wait a huge amount of time until it exports again all my grass while i made only some little changes to objects. i mean let the particle system use same parameters (overwrite geometry) to speed up exporting. if the overwrite stays on (only modified for ex.) let it skip exporting grass and use the last exported one. please. thanks.

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  1. Glen Blanchard

    Detecting changes in Blender so that I know when an object needs exporting is very difficult and sometimes impossible (likely in this case), the best way to work this is have a proxy object, then you can move/rotate/scale without regenerating the particles and adjust any other parts of your scene, it takes a few minutes to setup but lets you control when objects are exported and saves you lots of time in the long run.

  2. Glen Blanchard

    Using corona proxies, on your particle object export as a proxy then hide from rendering (different layer etc) Add a new box (I usually then set it to display only a wireframe) then in it's object properties mark it as a proxy and fill in the path to the particle you just exported.

  3. Andrei reporter

    the proxy exporter does not export the particle system. it exports only the emitter without any system on it :(

  4. Andrei reporter

    i think it's because the particle system is stored in the main scn file. not in the object properties.

  5. Andrei reporter

    also noted that if we have exported once the particle system, the second time, when we untick the 'export particles', that particles are exporting anyway. i think the particles still need to be reviewed. the best solution, i think, might be same as geometries. export them with overwrite option (full, only modified, only selected). when there is no any change to the system but we still want to export them, the exporter must use the old exported data for that to get it finished faster.

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