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Issue #220 resolved
Andrei created an issue

sometimes we have to correct minor things in scenes and render only a region with transparent background to cover it later the old full image with alpha over node. (that works good in cycles). rendering region works good in corona itself but when the image comes back to blender it looks wrong.

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  1. titus

    Confirming and describing a bit more in detail.

    If 'Transparent Background' is unchecked than the region is black.

    Saved directly from Corona works fine.

    After closing Corona Window, this comes up in console:


    PS - Rendered region image is saved properly inside "... corona/render/" export folder.

  2. Andrei reporter

    yep. same with transparent backround. it comes with that region as transparent instead rendered and all other area as transparent

  3. titus

    Well, for now you can import 'region render' manually into compositor from location entered under Render Settings > Corona Render > Export Path: ...

  4. Andrei reporter

    corona produces the full size of image but all transparent except the selected area in blender viewport.


  5. Andrei reporter

    when stopping the rendering blender imports the result into the render_result only the selected area from the image. the alpha area is just ignored. that's wrong. in render result we must have same image wich corona saves automaticaly after closing (even with transparent area)

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