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Issue #221 resolved
Andrei created an issue

the diffuse level does not working if a texture image is attached to diffuse color. since in 3ds max it works fine. this is related to both material preview (v1.6) and final render(v3)

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  1. Glen Blanchard

    Diffuse level only works with the color not with the image. It is a multiplier for the color and has been this way since I took over the project.

    What would that multiplier do for an image? You can already use Tone Mapping, Mix, HSV nodes which is what I would be doing behind the scenes with less control.

  2. titus

    I agree, it should also work with textures. It shouldn't multiply, but as is case with other properties/layers/channels in a shader, it should set the value, thus influence intensity of specific property/attribute. From my experience, that's common behavior overall (with uber shaders or building complex/multilayered shaders).

  3. Glen Blanchard

    Ok so which exact map should I be using? Mix RGB with black?, tone map? Hsv and adjust V?

    This seems like a source of confusion and error and makes the render slower if used incorrectly. I am tempted to remove the level if a node is connected.

    E.g. If I put a hidden mix node in there and mix it with black then this could break other nodes added by the user.

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