Hue Saturation Value node error (doesn't work)

Issue #222 resolved
titus created an issue

Using HSV corona map node with image texture node doesn't work and throws an error:



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  1. titus reporter

    Thanks! Error is solved, but another issue arises :D - Hue behavior is strange, results look wrong:


    Cycles-Corona Hue Value Comparison.jpg

  2. titus reporter

    Thanks for explanation. It's good to know what the culprit is and that's not Corona or plugin issue. For now external editor will do. So there's no rush, all in due time.

    PS. But animated node parameter value still doesn't come through (Unless parameter/value is edited manually, it doesn't change, but stays same - as if it's left from previous render command.)



  3. Glen Blanchard

    Ah yes something else I learnt, the callbacks that were doing the math aren't triggered when changed via the animation system. I have a fix for this already that I will include with the new hue code.

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