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I’ve got an issue with the new hue/sat/value node. When i load it in, the default values are all set to 0, and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Below i have the node in some basic settings, and it just doesn’t respond, then suddenly it might turn bright green for some reason :/.

I just checked and it also appears in the render too. I’m basically unable to use the hsv node at the moment. Does anyone else have a similar issue?

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  1. Glen Blanchard

    Unfortunately the changes to the nodes may not come into effect unless they are recreated. I will have a look next week though when I get a pc

  2. Monkriss reporter

    And it seems to happen to me even with a brand new project and new nodes.

    Yeah no rush! Just thought I’d write it down while it was happening to me.

  3. Glen Blanchard

    The Hue should default to 0.5 to match the cycles HSV node. When you set hue to 0.5 does it behave as expected

  4. Helmy

    I’m also encountering this issue. When the hue set to 0.5 it works as it should. But when the hue value is shifted, it’s broken.

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