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Adam Zorian created an issue

Hi Glen, is it possible to make addon work with blender 2.79.6? The problem is that addon install and render but it’s impossible to create any own nodes - menu is empty.

The problem is that I work with V-ray and Corona and would like to have some possibility to switch beteween those engines and vmy vray version works on this version. I ve got also 2,78c installed on my PC, which I use to create Corona nodes but when I made a V-ray nodes in 2,79.6 I cannot go back to ver2,78 because it deletes all V-ray nodes.

Is it a lot of work?

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  1. titus

    blender daily builds - https://builder.blender.org/download/

    problem lies in python version used, which is newer than on official release (3.7 VS 3.5)

    iirc, vray-for-blender development goes in hand with blender’s master branch (for their own, custom nightly builds), they don’t hold on official release state, but rather keep working with the flow

    vray for blender forum - https://forums.chaosgroup.com/forum/v-ray-for-blender-forums


    Better working practice is to master appending and linking, stop breaking your own files&stuff 😉

  2. Adam Zorian reporter

    I wanted to use build from blender.org but after downloading the newst version of 2.79.7 the problem is solved.
    I’ve downloaded the lastest vraybuild from https://nightlies.chaosgroup.com but it is still using 2.79.6 and the problem isnt solved. Anyway this is the console ouput when I’m trying to add corona nodes.

  3. Adam Zorian reporter

    Titus, I’m linking almost everything into my scenes, but sometimes i need to change something In my linked model. because I’m using two or three renders engines - depends on the project I would like to have possibility to work on everything using one build of Blender, not two of them with possibility to delete vray nodes accidenticaly, which I would like to use wanother time in other project.

  4. Glen Blanchard

    Not sure there is anything I can do with this, maybe vray guys will update to the latest shortly and it will fix it there. I tried quite a few things but nothing worked.

  5. Adam Zorian reporter

    I was afraid to hear that. Anyway, thanks for trying.

    Imo Chaos Group does not put in Blender too much effort. The exporter is much quicker than Corona exporter - but the proxy in V-ray doesnt work so nice as Corona proxies. Maybe when 2.8 will came out there will be no problem between jumping between renders engines.

  6. Adam Zorian reporter

    Anyway with the latest nighties from Chaosgroup the problem with corona nodes is not active anymore:)

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