Displacement Map + Mix RGB = ERROR (Map goes missing)

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titus created an issue

As described in the title, Maps/Textures mixed using Mix RGB node get lost. (scene file attached)

PS. It is this specific combination. W/o Displacement, Mix RGB works fine.

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  1. Studio Monkriss

    Try plugging the image texture into a tone map shader before splitting it off to reflect map and displacement

  2. titus reporter

    With two TM nodes Texture doesn’t show up at all, using single one same error occurs. Did you check it before advising? Does it work on your side? Could you explain why would that suddenly work?

    If you have a working scene where same texture is used to displace geo while also being multiplied with color, please post it. Eager to know what i’m doing wrong.

    Did much more combinations before i posted about this issue - it is basic but also very specific 😉

    Cycles reference

    Corona - Texture Lost

    Corona - Error

    Corona - Halfway There 😞

  3. Studio Monkriss

    Sorry I was out at the time so i was unable to download the .blend file to test. So i thought i’d suggest the TM shader as I know that can usually fix things. Such as using it before a HSV.

    I also use the TM shader to split 1 image texture into different paths. So Image texture-> Tone map shader-> reflect colour & Displacement.

    However in this case the TM shader does not help and I don’t know why. However, if i duplicate the image texture, and put it to different paths it works… I know that doesn’t solve the problem as it is a bug you’ve found. But this is how i’d work with it for now if i was you.

  4. titus reporter

    😃 Right on!

    Also works, if Texture is simply duplicated, has a different name (ID block).

    Will do for now.

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