Export time takes ages

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Aleksandr Silantev created an issue

Working on a huge building there is about 5000 objects, windows, doors etc

Got wall objects on my first layer, and other objects on different layers

So I click on first layer hit render and wait 30min before corona window appear

Exporter exports all 5000+ objects from my scene even from disabled layers

I can’t attach my working file

Small test scene with primitives works fine and export only visible layers

My previous project was suffered from this too, I can’t predict when it starts

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  1. Glen Blanchard

    If there are duplicates used it has to export the original for the geometry which is where it takes a long time. The copies are then usually very quick.

    I am away right now but will have a look when I get back.

  2. Aleksandr Silantev reporter

    My whole workflow is based on duplicated geometry

    Made quick test, instead of duplicating each window object I’ve used Array modifier to repeat them by floors, it make HUGE impact on export time, with array modifier it takes less than minute to export, but another issue came out

    Array modifier works wrong on a random objects, render result is different from viewport

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