I need some people looking to help out with the issues. I don't have a PC right now and the Mac build of Corona is too old to develop against as it is missing some critical features. If you know some python and like blender and high quality quick renders please let me know. The community is very friendly :)


Release Notes For Exporter

Corona Standalone Documentation



Use exporter v2.4.12

Corona for Mac: MacOS

Use these settings in the render corona plugin settings page:

Corona Path: /Applications/Corona/

Corona Executable: Corona1.5.Standalone

Version 3.0.0+ requires a new corona release! Blender 2.77+

Exporter: latest version

Corona Build 2017-01-17

Corona for older CPU's Legacy 2017-01-17

Versions up to 2.4.13 Blender 2.77+

Exporter: v2.4.13

Corona: Build 2016-10-24

Other versions

Newer versions of Corona Standalone might be published here: Standalone or follow the daily build links from here: Corona Doco


Put into your blender/scripts/addons directory and configure using the installation steps from here: Installation Instructions

No donations accepted right now, contact individual developers if you would like to help them out


The easiest way to develop is to fork a copy and checkout. Then create a branch and commit/push to that. When you are ready then submit a pull request through bitbucket.


There is a way to test some of the functionality right now. You need to have python installed somewhere (even the python included with blender is good enough)

Set the environment variable CORONA=<path to corona standalone folder here>

Then run python "<path to blender.exe here>"

This takes a little while to run and will test some of the basic functionality.

Additional tests can be added by creating a new subdirectory in tests/<your dir> Include a <yourtest> and a <yourtest>.blend

See tests/01 basic for an example. Note that tests can only use the libraries that are included with blender. There are helper functions for comparing plain text files, xml files and image files.