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This is VIDE, the Void IDentification and Examination toolkit.

For more information, see

Please cite arXiv:1406.1191 and arXiv:0712.0349 if you use this software, 
using the following suggested sentence:

"This work uses voids identified with VIDE\footnote{\url{}} (Sutter et al. 2014), 
which implements an enhanced version of ZOBOV (Neyrinck 2008) to construct 
voids with a watershed algorithm."

License/Copyright information

Copyright (C) 2010-2014 Guilhem Lavaux, 2011-2014 P.M. Sutter.
This software is put under the GNU Public License. 
Please see LICENSE for further information.

Mainline VIDE contributions from Ben Wandelt, Nico Hamaus, Alice Pisani, 
Paul Zivick, and Qingqing Mao.
This toolkit includes ZOBOV, originally developed by Mark Neyrinck. 
See zobov/zobov_readme.txt for copyright/license information. 
SDF library provided by Michael S. Warren and John Salmon. 
HOD fitting code provided by Francisco Navarro. 
HOD halo population code provided by Jeremy Tinker.
RAMSES module provided by Benjamin B. Thompson.


The package swig needs to be installed and available in the PATH ( It 
is required by scipy and we have not decided to bundle it with VIDE at the moment.

Quick Start Guide

ccmake ./
add path/to/vide/ext_build/python/lib/python2.7/site-packages/ to PYTHONPATH
cd pipeline/
./ --scripts --parm=path/to/
./ path/to/

Version Summary

v1.0 - Initial Release