This Roundcube Plugin will let you have the option to view and edit documents,
spreadsheets, presentations and images in the browser itself. This one click
solution gives you a huge advantage over the traditional way of doing it:
downloading the document from Roundcube, saving it, launching a office
application to open it.

You can see it in action at:

## The following formats are supported by Zoho Office. ##

Microsoft Office Formats:
doc / docx - Microsoft Word Document
xls / xlsx - Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
ppt / pptx - Microsoft PowerPoint
pps - PowerPoint Slideshow

OpenDocument Formats:
odt - OpenDocument Text
ods - OpenDocument Spreadsheet
odp - OpenDocument Presentation

OpenOffice Formats:
sxw - Writer Document
sxc - Calc Spreadsheet
sxi - Impress Presentation

More Rich Text Formats:
rtf - Rich Text Format
html - Hyper Text Markup Language
txt - Plain Text Document

More Spreadsheet Formats:
csv - Comma Separated Values

## The following formats are supported by Pixlr. ##

Bitmap Formats:
gif - GIF Image
jpg - JPEG Image
png - PNG Image
bmp - BMP Image

## Requirements ##

PHP Version 5.2+

## Installing and Activating cloudview ##

After downloading a cloudview, extract (unzip) it in RoundCube's plugins directory.
Doing this correctly should result in a subdirectory "plugins/cloudview" which contains
all of the plugin's files.

Enable it by adding its directory name to the config option plugins,
as an array element. Editing your local "config/" file and
add "cloudview" to the "$rcmail_config['plugins']" array.

$rcmail_config['plugins'] = array('cloudview');

To disable cloudview, just remove it from the list. 

Get your Zoho API Key from:
and add it to your "plugins/cloudviw/" file.

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