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Welcome to the developer guide for CoSSMic!

The CoSSMic (Collaborating Smart Solar-powered Microgrids) project is an EU FP7 project started in October 2013 and ended in December 2016. The project aimed to develop an innovative autonomic ICT based system, coordinating the energy usage and storage and the exchange with the public grid of clusters of collaborating building micro-grids. The system coordinates the timing of energy consuming tasks (load shifting) with the predicted output from the local PV panels and the storage capacity in the neighbourhood, respecting constraints and preferences (such as the earliest and latest start time of a dishwasher, the target charging level and deadline for an eCar) set by the users.

In this wiki, you will find all information related to software development in CoSSMic and the final release of the open source CoSSMic software.

0. Introduction

1. Implemented functionality for CoSSMic system

2. CoSSMic software architecture

3. Technology baseline

4. Interface descriptions

5. Software modules

5.1 Emoncms

5.2 Driver

5.3 PV prediction

5.4 MAS

5.5 Taskscheduler

5.6 Central data repository

5.7 Gamification (CoSSMunity)

6. Installation, deployment and configuration guide

6.1 Installation and update of the CoSSMic software on Raspberry Pi

6.2 Setting up virtual devices application and a virtual house

6.3 CoSSMic platform deployment packages

7. User guide

8. Packaging and publishing as open source project