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# Part of NAS4Free (
# Copyright (C) 2012 NAS4Free Team <>.
# All rights reserved.

============== SUMMARY =========

1. Files and directories listing
2. Generate an NAS4Free ISO or IMG  file
3. Building NAS4Free from the latest sources
4. Building the kernel

1. Files and directories listing

- /nas4free/bootloader:  This contains the FreeBSD boot loader files
- /nas4free/rootfs: Minimum FreeBSD root filesystem and NAS4FREE script/WebGUI
- /nas4free/svn: Contains all released files and scripts

2. Generate an NAS4Free ISO or IMG file

Edit the script '/nas4free/svn/build/' and adapt the directory
variables with your local ones.

Check that you have installed the following ports:
- subversion
- bash
- cdrtools
- php5
- xproto
- portupgrade
- cvsup-without-gui
- perl
- ruby
- m4
- bison

Start /nas4free/svn/build/ and follow the steps.

3. Building NAS4Free from the latest sources (normally possible with

Here is how to build NAS4Free from the latest sources:

- It's important to use the root user-account on your FreeBSD installed system!.

3.1 Update your NAS4Free scripts/WebGUI code with the SVN:
(this creates the svn directory)

- cd /usr/local/nas4free
- svn co svn

You should now have these directories:

3.2 Update your ports collection:

Using portsnap the first time:
portsnap fetch extract

To update the ports collection next time:
portsnap fetch update

3.3 Use the building script:


Execute all menus in '2' - Compile NAS4Free from scratch menu' to build your NAS4Free from scratch. After thit use one of the following menus:

10 - Create 'Embedded' (IMG) file (rawrite to CF/USB/DD).
11 - Create 'LiveCD' (ISO) file.
12 - Create 'LiveCD' (ISO) file without 'Embedded' file.
13 - Create 'Full' (TGZ) update file.

4. Building kernel

Before building the kernel it is recommended to delete the directory /usr/src completely.
Next, run the build scripts and update the kernel sources via cvsup + freebsd-update.
Continue building using the 'Build kernel' menu in the build script.
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