Tarek Ziadé avatar Tarek Ziadé committed 2ec4746

Removed spurious UserWarnings. Fixes #134

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 * Issue 133: Added --no-find-links to easy_install
 * Added easy_install --user
 * Issue 100: Fixed develop --user not taking '.' in PYTHONPATH into account
+* Issue 134: removed spurious UserWarnings. Patch by VanLindberg
             if modname in ('pkg_resources', 'setuptools', 'site'):
             fn = getattr(sys.modules[modname], '__file__', None)
-            if fn and normalize_path(fn).startswith(loc):
+            if fn and (normalize_path(fn).startswith(loc) or
+                       fn.startswith(self.location)):
                 "Module %s was already imported from %s, but %s is being added"
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