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I tried to create a poll today, while the newest poll is 3 days old. I know I should not be able to create a poll, but new frontend, so maybe there's a chance?

When I submitted the poll, I don't get an error message or anything (in dark mode) but it does post and returns 200. Yet the poll is not created nor is an error message shown.

I expected the site to either post the poll or show me an error message that the latest poll is too recent for a new poll (or whatever else is wrong with the next poll).

Subject* Every poll should have a nonsense or negative option!

Option 1 Yes

Option 2 Yes, because I don't like being forced

Option 3 Yes, because I like to be negative

Option 4 Yes, because how helpful is a poll if you can't express your opinion

Option 5 Yes, because this poll demonstrate why it is necessary

Subject/question I've been noticing a severe lack of nonsense answers. So, Margreet.



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