Cannot relike photos in the "liked" album after unliking them

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Issue #136 new
Martijn Luinstra created an issue

After unliking a photo in the auto-generated “liked” album, the photo cannot be immediately liked again, nor can any other actions be applied to the photo. To apply actions, the page needs to be refreshed (or the user need to manually navigate to the photo in its original album).

The reason for this is simple: the url for these actions contains the ID of the current book (so the website will not redirect a user to a different book after the action is complete), but photobook controllers redirect if the photo is not in the provided book. After a photo in the “liked” album is unliked, the user will still be viewing the photo as if it were still in the “liked” album, even though it no longer is. This causes the redirect system to trigger before any actions are applied.

I hope this is somewhat clear. If not, let me know :)



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