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Issue #35 resolved
Jelmer van der Linde created an issue

DataModelMember already has a nice search function used by the autosuggest fields for members. However, we could actually add a nice search field somewhere on the site that also searches photo albums and agenda items.


The search field should be present on every page and it would be nice if it already offered suggestions (good hits) while you were typing: apple-search-results.jpg

Data sources

  • Almanac (active members, honourary members, donators)
  • Agenda items (present and past)
  • Forum topics (also post contents?)
  • Photo albums (title of photo album, also photo's with captions or their comment sections?)
  • Pages
  • Committees (could also pop up when looking for a certain member)

Things to take into account

  1. Search results should not disclose private information: the privacy settings of a member should be taken into account before showing that member as a result.
  2. Context aware ranking: when looking for "Robin" both the committees Robin is part of as well as Robin's profile should be returned. However, when looking for "ABCee" the ABCee committee should be returned first and profiles which contain "ABCee" in their nickname or name should be ranked lower.

Comments (2)

  1. Jelmer van der Linde reporter

    Implemented as far as this issue is covered. More features, such as suggestions, and other data sources, should be handled through separate issues.

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