CowLab / cowlab.org

Cowlab is an open platform of professionals from several sectors (development, design...) with the objective of being a meeting point for creating, learning and sharing.

This repository

Being a fully-open initiative, all the code used by cowlabers is open source, starting with our own web page: this repository contains the sources for the http://cowlab.org website.

How to run

The CowLab website is based on Flask, a web microframework for Python language, that uses both the Werkzeug WSGI toolkit and the Jinja 2 templating language. For testing PyTest (py.test) is used, and in the future we might use Peewee as the ORM.

You may install all the requirements using Pip (optionally you might want to use virtualenv). On Debian/Ubuntu/Mint just run:

$ sudo pip install -r apps/requirements.txt

After all the requirements are met, you can run a local instance of the website with:

$ python apps/cowlab.py
 * Running on

Also, you can run all the tests with:

$ py.test -v