||  TabSynth 0.2                                                             ||
||                                                                           ||
||  []                            ||
||  Written by Cosmin Deaconu <>                    ||
||  Originally coursework for Music 420 at Stanford University. Winter 2009. ||

CHANGELOG (0.1 -> 0.2):

	-plugins are now be loaded from several places:
	-volume smoothing in the theremin plugin 
	-better mouse support (clicking/releasing without moving will register)
	-make install / uninstall targets added
	-new drumz plugin, which requires locating the STK rawwave path. The
			following directories are checked:
			If the drumz plugin crashes, it probably can't find the rawwaves.
	-desktop file so TabSynth appears in menus after make install
	-icon now embedded in binary

TabSynth provides a framework for creating audio by moving your cursor around
in a window. TabSynth has a plugin framework allowing easy creation of 
different sounds (although the current distribution does not have very many). 

TabSynth depends on the Synthesis Toolkit and Gtkmm. 

See INSTALL for installation instructions. 

If you have a Wacom tablet or something similar, you should enable it 
using the input options so you have pressure control. In principle, 
tilt control is also possible, though this has not been tested (my tablet 
isn't expensive enough) and none of the included plugins make use of tilt. 

Additional, more in-depth documentation may be found in the docs/ directory of
the source distribution. However, this documentation refers to older versions.