README file for NuWTun

src-flo : Flow solver files
src-adj : Adjoint solver files, NOT FINISHED YET
examples: Example test cases
docs    : Manual, license, etc.


You will need a fortran 90 compiler since dynamic memory allocation is used.
Compilation has been tested with gfortran. Set your compiler and flags in
makefile.in and define a shell variable called NUWTUN_HOME which contains the
absolute path to the root directory. You also need the archive tool "ar"; this
should be available on most systems. To compile the flow solver execute the
following commands at the shell prompt:

$ cd $NUWTUN_HOME/src-flo
$ make


If you have ftnchek, then you can generate a call-tree inside the
docs/tree/src-flo directory. Inside the directory src-flo type "make tree" to
generate the tree. This has been tested to work only on GNU/Linux. You can
change the location where the call-tree is stored by changing the CTDIR
variable in makefile.in to appropriate value.


Nuwtun can output the solution in plot3d format. Plot3d files can be read by
the following visualization softwares:

Tecplot: Commercial software, but probably the best one.

Paraview: Free software, based on VTK, can read only grid and solution files,
not the function file.

Mayavi: Free software, similar to Paraview and is based on VTK. Only 3-D files
can be read.

Calculix: Free software, can read both 2-d and 3-d files, only formatted, can
read grid, solution and function files. It is quite good for 2-D.