The Education Prototype

Ok so this is a version of the super popular (for those of us who grew up with Nokia phones, 3310 anyone?) Snake game that is meant to teach kids simple Maths. The idea is to select from a bunch of options to either learn arithmetic or practice some algebra skills. 


So this was supposed to be a part of a project that never really came through. I actually started doing some work for someone who was going to start this project and well the project fell through so too bad but i did pick up some valuable skills.

How does this work?

Ok so during the tests for the Algebra skills, for each question the Snake is given the choice of 3 answers and the snake must eat the right answer to survive and prolong it's life.

Outstanding tasks
1) Wall collision needs to be fixes, at the moment it only happens on 2 of the 4 walls
2) The life meter needs to be implemented
3) The speed increase with each successful eat should be implemented.
4) The speed of the problem generator needs to be improved.
5) Removal of unnecessary files