Upload To Imgur


Upload To Imgur is a simple custom Output plugin for the Bug Shooting screen capture utility that allows sending of captured images to the Imgur image hosting service.

This plugin targets Bug Shooting version 2.14.x and above.


The Output plugin is written in C# using Visual Studio 2013 Premium and targetting the .NET Framework 4.5.2.


In order to compile the project, you'll need to be use that you have a reference to the BS.Output.dll file included within the Bug Shooting utility's folder. This should be automatic as the project is now using the NuGet Package to provide the BS.Output.dll file requred. You can further information on this file by visiting the Bug Shooting API Reference documentation.

You must also be sure to compile the project in Release mode, targeting AnyCPU.


Once you have compiled the project, you must copy the resulting UploadToImgur.dll file into the necessary place in order for Bug Shooting to be able to use the plugin. The exact folder that you should copy the UploadToImgur.dll file to is documented within the Bug Shooting API Reference Documentation. Note that you must shut-down Bug Shooting and restart it before you are able to add the new plugin to your list of configured outputs.

Once you have added the Upload To Imgue plugin to your list of configured plugins within Bug Shooting, you'll be required to enter your Imgur Client ID. In order to get an Imgur Client ID, you must have an account on the Imgur website. Once you're logged in to your Imgur account, you must create a new application which will generate both a Client ID and a Client Secret.

The Client Secret is not required for the Upload To Imgur plugin, but the Client ID must be entered in the textbox on the configuration screen.

Once your Client ID has been entered, the Upload To Imgur plugin will show in your list of configured plugins.

From here, you can now click the Upload to Imgur icon which will upload the currently displayed screen capture to the Imgur website.

Once the upload is complete, the plugin will open your default browser and open the URL to your newly uploaded image.